Department of Law Students, 14th Graduating Class, took part in a training session organized by the National Commission for Human Rights

Law students from the 14th Graduating Class have participated in the training session entitled “Introducing legislation to combat human trafficking and the mechanism applied in the State of Qatar” held under the sponsorship of the National Commission of Human Rights on 29th  to 30th  November 2015 at the Commission’s headquarters. The session included a series of lectures on the International Human Rights Law, the identification and detection of human trafficking cases, judicial and social measures to protect human trafficking victims, and the mechanisms for the application of the Human trafficking Act. Some case studies  were presented along with the best practices followed . Students’ participation in the session was a basic requirement of the course they were taking  “ Criminal Law: the Public Domain”, and is keen on linking theory to the practical curriculum students are also studying, as well as focusing on linking the experiential domain to the academic one. All students showed a dedication and involvement in the training session as reflected in the number of questions that have led to a distinct impression (by?) the students (of) Ahmed bin Mohammed Military College.