Faculty Staff Organize a trip to khor Al Udeid

Ahmed bin Mohammed Military College is keen to activate societal and sporting activities. An excursion was organized for faculty members to Khor Al Udeid on Saturday, December 2th, 2017. 

The excursion started at ten in the morning, and Dr. Khalid Al Khater, Dean of Academic Affairs, welcomed the members of the faculty and stressed the importance of such recreational activities to rejuvenate and stimulate the spirit of staff members and make them exert more effort to accomplish predetermined goals.

Then they started the sports activities including playing volleyball and swimming, and some of them sat contemplating the Almighty Creator’ signs of creation until lunch was served. After lunch, everyone practiced various sports and photos were taken until it was time to go at four in the afternoon, to complete a beautiful day in the life of everyone who participated in such a wonderful event.