The Annual Concourse of the Military Colleges

On April the 27 th , 2016, under the title of “Performance improvement in the military colleges”, Ahmed Bin Mohammed Military College has organized the Military colleges’ annual Concourse attended by Delegations from the United States and Turkey.
The commander of Ahmed Bin Mohammed Military College, his Excellency Major General Hamed Bin Ahmed Al-Naimi who has overseen the organization of the Workshops highlighted the importance of Performance improvement, better communication between the Military Colleges and sharing best practices as he opened his welcoming speech.
The first panel session headed by Dr. Mohammed Ibrahim Al-Naimi, featured Dr. Jane Blair who is the Academic associate dean at West Point College in America. Introducing a worksheet titled “The Improvement methods and the academic excellence at the American West-point Academy”.
This was followed by Professor Abdulrahman Abdul-salam of the General Requirements Department who presented his worksheet, titled “The general requirements philosophy at Ahmed Bin Mohammed Military College, Reasoning, and Representation”.
The second panel session headed by his Excellency Brigadier Fahad Bin Mubarek Al-Khayarin, senior Teacher at the college, introduced two worksheets: The first one of which was titled The Reality of the Academic Programs and projects improvements” was presented by his Excellency Brigadier Kareem Ajar, Associate Dean of the Turkish Military Academy. Additionally, the second worksheet titled “The General Requirements of the Academic Military Colleges…a Comparative Study” was introduced by Dr. Hamdy Al-Sharqawi, head of the General Requirements Department at the college.
Finally, as the floor was open for a general discussion among all attendees who were engaged passionately about the diverse topics presented at the meeting. His Excellency Major General Hamed Bin Ahmed Al-Naimi, the commander of the college and his Excellency Dr. Khalid Al-Khatir, the Academic Associate Dean of the College, presented in their closing remarks, special recognitions and gifts to the panelists and participants of the Concourse.