Experts speaking at a symposium organized by ABMMC

Under the patronage of His Excellency, Major General Hamad bin Ahmed Al Nuaimi,  President of the Military Colleges and Institutes, and His Excellency, Brigadier Abdullah Abdul Rahman Al Kaabi, Commander of Ahmed Bin Mohammed Military College On Monday, 16-10-2017, Ahmed bin Mohammed Military College organized a seminar entitled “The Gulf Crisis and its Impairment”. This took place in the presence of His Excellency, Dean of Academic Affairs, Dr. Khalid bin Nasser Al-Khater, officers, faculty members and college students.

At the beginning of the seminar, the commander of the students’ brigade, Col. Abdul Hadi bin Nafeh, welcomed the dignitaries, and explained the importance of holding such a seminar, especially in light of the current political conditions within the Gulf region.

The political dimension:  Dr. Majid Al-Ansari, Professor of Political Sociology at the University of Qatar, discussed the historical and political implications of the crisis that led to the outcome of the region now, explaining the Qatari diplomatic moves made to overcome this crisis and address the causes wisely and insightfully.

The economic dimension: Mr. Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz Al Khater, a Qatari businessman and investor, focused on the economic repercussions of the crisis, explaining how Qatar managed to overcome the impact due to its balanced policy and respect for all global commitments and agreements. Consequently, the country gained the confidence and respect of the international community.

The Legal Dimension: Dr. Yasser Al-Khalayleh, Professor of International Law at Qatar University, addressed the legal repercussions of the siege. He pointed out that the siege imposed on the State of Qatar is not only unjust, but also contrary to the rules of international law.

After the three presentations, the audience was invited to participate in a Q&A session.  Finally, at the end of the proceedings, HE Major General Hamad Ahmed Al Nuaimi presented the College replica Shield to each of presenters in the symposium.