Dean of Academic Affairs

A Welcome Message from the Dean of Academic Affairs

I am pleased to welcome you in the site of Ahmed Bin Mohammed Military College which will provide all the information regarding the  vision, mission and goals of the college along with  the academic and the military programs that are implemented. It also provides information about various news, activities and events related to the college.

Ahmed bin Mohammed Military College was created in 1996 under the guidance of His Highness the father, Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa Al Thani, focusing on the need of a military college that will become one of the best military colleges with academic specialization in the Arabian Gulf. The college will offer academic majors to generations of graduates that will defend the country.

Since the establishment of the college in 1996 and for a period of ten years, Qatar University implemented the academic side and was delivering the bachelor’s degree in public administration and in law from batch one to batch four with the graduation of a batch every two years.

In the fall of 2006, the college started to grant bachelor’s degree in four important disciplines, namely: law, business administration, accounting, computer information systems and became academically independent from Qatar  University. To that effect the deanship for Academic Affairs of the College was responsible to elaborate academic curricula and plans that presented high degree of integration and innovation. A constellation of highly capable faculty staff and specialists from inside and outside the college participated in the preparation of these plans and curricula. The college provides an opportunity for the cadets to choose a specialization that is consistent with their abilities and to achieve the needs of our armed forces, police, and other security agencies. There is a great and clear support to the deanship of Academic Affairs to provide distinguished educational service for students and at a higher level of quality. This is appreciated by all employees in the deanship. Since 2006,  other specializations were offered.

We hope through this website that the visitor finds all the needed information needed about the college.

Dean of Academic Affairs
Dr. Khaled Al-Khater