Library Services

The library provides information services including all the facilities listed below in order to improve the utilization of information sources and collections, which include the administrative activities and the regulatory measurements that will create an appropriate and effective access to current information. In a practical sense, the library provides the following services:

Counseling and Guidance Service :

It is a service based on guiding and instructing the library patrons on how to use the library, its cataloging and organizing systems and book collections to the best use possible, to achieve the maximum benefits possible from library sources.

Borrowing Service :

It is a range of services and procedures through which the library allows all patrons to borrow sources inside and outside the library premises based on certain rules and regulations to ensure the preservation and the return of books, as well as (possibly CD’s DVD’s or other audio/visual materials) on time. It is considered to be an essential service provided by the library for its patrons.

References Service :

This service is to answer all inquiries pertaining to the availability of some references in the library such as dictionaries, encyclopedias and atlases … etc.

Photocopying Service :

The library offers the service of photocopying materials that are not allowed to be borrowed outside the library premises, such as references and periodicals that are uniquely difficult to procure or replace. In order to facilitate the process of fast access to the library information, the Book2Net service has been introduced. This special service is capable of photocopying complete sources.

Continuous Feedback Service :

This is to provide the library patrons with information of the newly added sources to the current library collections using the conventional communication methods or the college magazine.

Internet Service :

The Internet service is offered for all patrons to be used for scientific and academic purposes only. It offers links between this college library and the automated index of the library of the University of Qatar as well as the full-text databases shared between the Qatar University Library and Ahmed bin Mohammed Military College.

Training Services for Patrons :

It is a service offered by the library in order to give its patrons the necessary basic skills needed to better use the library through introducing all the services provided by the library. This is usually achieved by giving information on the organization of all the collections, and identifying the keys that better facilitate easy access to all services including: classification system, ways of arranging books on the shelves and borrowing procedures. This process is carried out by organizing library tours and conducting orientation weeks for new students.