Visiting Qatar
Time Zone

Greenwich Mean Time and New York EST/DST are three and seven/eight hours behind Qatar time, respectively. Qatar does not observe Daylight Saving Time.


Desert weather prevails in Qatar. Long summers last from May to September and are marked by stifling dry heat with highs of over 45°C. Homes and businesses are equipped with air conditioning systems, which help to reduce the surrounding temperature. Most people take vacations or spend more time inside during the summer. Sports, entertainment, and leisure facilities are available in a wide array of recreation areas including clubs and hotels. Qatar’s dry winter is similar to the first few weeks of October in North America. The range of temperatures is 10 to 25° Celsius, with the evenings being the coolest. Despite being moderate, wintertime temperatures can drop below 5° Celsius. The annual average rainfall is only three inches. Shamal winds, which regularly produce sand and dust storms, influence Qatar. Dust, haze, and sandstorms are frequent.


The national currency is the Qatari Riyal (QR), and one US dollar buys 3.65 QR (fixed rate). Credit cards issued by major networks, like Visa and MasterCard, are one of the most popular and common ways for people to make in-store and online purchases in Qatar.

Tourist Attractions

There is much to see and do in Qatar, which has a variety of special attractions, including recreation areas, cultural, historical, and natural landmarks, parks, gardens, and wonderful beaches. The country is replete with natural and man-made wonders.
In Qatar, a country rich in culture, you may observe camel races across the desert, learn about the history of falconry, and take in the sight of wooden boats bobbing in the water. An opera theatre, a marble amphitheater, boutiques, art galleries, and the administrative offices of numerous neighborhood associations can all be found in Katara.
In Katara’s stunning theaters, performance halls, exhibition galleries, and state-of-the-art facilities, people come together to explore the cultures of the world. You could partake of food at a variety of upscale restaurants on any given day, and then observe the sunset over sand dunes that look like they come in a fairy tale. Every evening, especially on weekends, the malls are crowded with people looking to score a deal. Traditional and modern coexist in everything from high-end boutiques to tiny one-man shops in souks, bringing surprises and deals for every customer. Visitors of all ages can expect pleasant surprises both inside and outside Doha.

Coronavirus and traveling to Qatar

Various measures are in place considering the latest COVID-19 developments. For details and updates, visit the Qatar Travel and Return Policy at:


Visitors worldwide can enter Qatar visa-free or by filling in a simple online form, depending on their passport. Visa-free entry is available to nationals of more than 90 countries, with different periods of stay permitted. For more Information on Qatar Visas, please visit Ministry of Interior website: