The Library

Welcome :

We are very pleased – in this era of globalization and advanced communication – to meet you on the Library webpage of Ahmed bin Mohammed Military College in Qatar, which continually offers the best collection to enhance the exchange of information and knowledge with the hope that any library visitor will benefit from the huge repertoire to be found inside our library, which covers the latest developments in all scientific fields.

One of the most vital roles of the library lies in supporting the educational process at the college, by reflecting the recent global trends in the pursuit of knowledge to all in the college community, including students and staff, as well as officers and administrative personnel. It also contributes to the local community by paving the way for an appropriate scholastic environment that leads to a better level of academic achievement through continuing guidance and counseling offered by the library staff.

The library has been eager to maintain the tracking advances in library sciences especially in the fields of automation and digitalization. The Millennium has been adopted as one of the modern library information systems. The establishment of reciprocal relations with other libraries is also one of the main goals of the library to implement their experiences and receive benefits from their fields of expertise in this area. In accordance with the technical and educational developments at the college, the library has provided a number of information services that should be made more accessible to the students as well as the staff of the college.