General Requirements Department

A Welcome Message from the Head of the Department

The General Requirements Department is one of the academic departments of Ahmed bin Mohammad Military College (ABMMC). The department offers general courses common to all students and specific courses for students of selected programs. The department’s vision falls within ABMMC’s aim to provide cadets with an educational experience that is in line with international academic standards and current trends in Gulf, Arab and international universities. The General Requirements Department works hand in hand with other departments to fulfill ABMMC’s vision and accomplish its mission. It seeks to instill in cadets the values, knowledge, and skills that prepare them for their future leadership role in Qatari society. For this purpose, the department offers courses that help students acquire the basic principles of scientific methodology and develop transferable skills such as communication, critical thinking and problem solving. Similarly, the courses offered by the department are designed in accordance with the highest academic standards to help students become independent and successful learners equipped with the intellectual and personal skills needed for their career as military leaders.

Head of General Requirement Department
Dr. Hamdi Al-Shaqawi