Law Department

A Welcome Message from the Head of the Department

The law department is one of the first departments that started in the college, as it has grown up with the establishment of the college since 1996. At that time, Qatar University was supervising the academic program, and it continued with this mission until 2006 when the college started to depend on its self.  Until now, the department is considered one of the most important departments in the college. The Law Department is keen on keeping long with developments in the field of legal education through the department’s study plan that was prepared and reviewed by a group of academic and professional experts from inside and outside the State of Qatar in accordance with international quality standards. The department aims to establish strong legal knowledge among students and train them in the necessary skills, which enables them to occupy legal positions in the Qatar Armed Forces. The department also encourages faculty members to actively participate in seminars, conferences, and forums, which aims to develop legal work within the State of Qatar.

Head of the Department
Prof. Dr.Anwar Masadeh