International Relations Department

A Welcome Message from the Head of the Department

The International Relations department has become one of the most prominent departments in ABMMC, thus, becoming the most attractive department, reflecting thus, the rising demand for IR specialists in both, the Qatari and the international contexts.

The field of International Relations covers a wide range of interesting classical subjects such as: interstate war, deterrence, cooperation, alliances, the balance of power, and international institutions, yet more newly rising topics are also taught such as: human rights, NGOs, transnational actors, globalization, civil and ethnic conflict, international justice and global civil society.

The department’s greatest resource is its distinguished faculty. We have strength in all major fields of Political science and International relations—but also in quantitative research methods and formal theory. We are striving to put the department at the forefront of its peers regionally and worldwide.

The department’s primary goal remains focused on providing the best possible education for students seeking to develop an expertise in the field of International Relations by instilling solid skills in research and analytic reasoning.

Our students are exposed to normative and empirical political theories. In addition, our undergraduate program is structured to enhance creativity and the exploration of new ideas. This will certainly provide a solid foundation for any student who wishes to pursue postgraduate studies at both the Master’s and PhD levels.

I hope that this brief overview brings you a clearer picture of our department. For more information, please feel free to contact us on the website.

Head of the International Relations Department
Dr. Almabrouk K. Kirfaa