I am pleased to welcome you to the State of Qatar, and to Ahmed Bin Mohammed Military College (ABMMC), to the eighth edition of the International Symposium Of Military Academies (ISOMA), which represents an important opportunity and a bridge for effective communication between military academies worldwide. At ABMMC, it represents a special occasion for us, after more than twenty-five years of establishment, during which we gained many friendships with counterpart colleges around the world. The organization of this symposium comes as a fulfillment of our supportive role in all common issues, and an embodiment of the college’s vision that its leadership and all its employees believe in, to become among the best military colleges with academic specialization, and to play the national role entrusted to it, in accordance with the lofty vision of its establishment and development.

ABMMC has consolidated its relations with its counterparts from military colleges around the world, through military exchanges, by sending a number of cadets to complete their studies and training abroad. In turn, it receives international students from brotherly and friendly countries. This military and academic exchange has strengthened relations between colleges and countries, and contributed to the exchange of experiences that are strengthened by such symposiums between their leaders and higher administrations.

ABMMC’s strategy is based on attracting qualified experts from inside and outside the country, establishing a number of international cooperation programs, and forging partnerships with colleges and universities, and with military and civil institutions, both local and international. It also seeks to extend its links and cooperation with all, in order to serve common interests.

This symposium comes to enhance joint relations and the exchange of experiences between the participating military colleges, to discuss together the most important and urgent themes in the reality of the military academies, which focuses on the most important aspects of the aspiration of military academic education. Hence, attention to the quality of education and its challenges, and how to develop military and academic knowledge side by side, comes at the forefront of the symposium’s concerns. This year’s symposium also focuses on the reflection of international crises and conflicts on military and academic education. It will discuss cultural awareness and its diversity in military academies, and scientific research in light of global developments.

We are meeting today and the world is going through an exceptional circumstance, since the Coronavirus pandemic, which has raised the levels of security preparedness to its maximum limits, because we are fighting a common and unknown enemy, and without concerted efforts and working as one, the world would not have survived this deadly epidemic. We meet today and the world is dreaming of lasting peace, and we – the leaders of the military college – are obligated to provide the world with this peace, by instilling and consolidating it, to invest in the hearts of our soldiers, officers and cadets, which is evident in the symposium’s themes, and we hope that peace will prevail among all countries and all peoples.

ABMMC would welcome again the leaders of counterpart colleges around the world and their delegates to this symposium, while reaffirming its keenness to build bridges of trust and communication with all, in order to enhance the efforts of the military academies to develop the skills of their employees, through joint cooperation and exchange of experiences, which such a symposium strengthens.

Staff Brigadier General / Abdulhadi Muhammad Treheeb Al-Hajri
Commandant, Ahmed Bin Mohammed Military College