Management Department

A Welcome message from the head of the department

In the Management Department, we place much emphasis on quality of education in a caring atmosphere.

It is a pleasure to welcome you to the Department of Management at Ahmed Bin Mohamed Military College. As a matter of fact, the management program continues to be intensely sought-after due to its career versatility and its remunerative forms of employment. The degree concentrates on standard management practices and the latest developments in the management world. Core courses help students to set up strong competencies in critical thinking, analysis, and decision-making to prepare for careers in a highly challenging environment.
The department’s mission is to maintain our reputation for teaching excellence across a dynamic range of courses in management. Indeed, achieving this mission constitutes our key priority. The intellectual intimacy and the prevailing mutual trust and respect between students and the academic staff characterize the spirit of our department.
We incessantly aim to maintain a challenging learning environment that seeks to develop high-ranked graduates through innovative courses, applied learning, and collaboration with the local community. We pride ourselves on small class sizes; integrated and innovative teaching and learning styles, providing opportunities for students and faculty to integrate their academic work with experience, and helping students develop management skills.
Moreover, flexibility in the degree allows students to continue their postgraduate studies in different management areas in terms of master’s and doctorate degrees.

Head of the Department
Prof. Dr. Adel H. Salih Al-Mafrachi