Languages Department

Overview of the Foreign Language Department

The establishment in 2020 of the Foreign Language Department at Ahmad Bin Mohammad Military College was in response to the growing and necessary demand for foreign language competence in the military forces. The importance of the department stems from the strategic mission of ABMMC in the Qatari military, which is to provide the army with members trained to the highest of international standards. Language ability is fundamental to keep pace and succeed in a highly-changing and interconnected world. By thus increasing linguistic proficiency, the department helps the various units of the armed forces to achieve security.

As international relations become more complicated and more conflicts of interest arise, strategic success requires military members with the appropriate linguistic skills to communicate across cultures. Consequently, the command of the armed forces is keen to have the greatest number of military members capable of understanding and speaking various important regional languages. This will help achieve success in the areas of diplomacy, defense and information-gathering for analysis and intelligence.

Ahmad Bin Mohammad Military College is one of the first military colleges in the Arab world that has established a language department that offers a B.A. degree in a foreign language. This will ultimately help establish ABMMC as a college with an international reputation equivalent to that of West Point Academy in the USA and the Military University in Russia.

The department offers undergraduate programs in the Russian, Chinese and Persian languages. These programs allow students to continue their postgraduate studies to obtain master’s and doctoral degrees