Conference: E-learning at Ahmed bin Muhammad Military College during the Covid-19 Pandemic

On Thursday 08 October 2020, Ahmed bin Muhammad Military College (ABMMC) hosted a conference under the title “E-learning at Ahmad bin Muhammad Military College”, given by Dr. Ahmed Al-Saeed, professor at the Information Technology Department at ABMMC. The conference started with an overview of current practices in the use of information technology and curriculum design in online teaching in the field of higher education. In addition, the speaker addressed some of the common issues and challenges faced by both students and teachers in online learning. Finally, Dr. Al-Saeed highlighted the achievement of ABMMC administration and faculty members in their joint effort to deliver a smooth, effective, and high-quality online learning experience to cadets during the Covid-19 Pandemic.

The conference was attended by the Vice-Dean of Academic Affairs Dr. Abdulmalik Boularas and faculty members from various departments. Participants, including professors of law and administration, were keen to take part in the discussion and to offer their views about online learning from their respective area of specialization.