Academic Staff Meeting

In the presence of the Dean of Academic Affairs, Dr. Khalid bin Nasser Al-Khater, a meeting was held for the faculty staff on Wednesday, May 18, in preparation for the final exams at Ahmed bin Mohammed Military College, for the spring 2022 semester, where the meeting began, with a speech delivered by The Dean, Dr. Khalid bin Nasser Al-Khater, During which he welcomed the attendees, wishing success during the final period of the semester. Moreover, Dr khalid Al-Khatar stressed the importance of this particular stage, and urged everyone to prepare optimally for the success of the assessment stage at the college. Dr. Khalid bin Nasser Al-Khater also touched on several topics related to the educational system and The teaching quality. Then the meeting was concluded, by opening the discussion for the faculty staff, to express their opinion on the various points that were touched upon.