Bachelor of Management Program Objectives

The department aims to achieve the following objectives:
1To provide cadets with the necessary knowledge and managerial skills and to help them utilize information technology in order to make optimal managerial decisions.
2To equip cadets with the ideas, principles, and theories that will enable them to better understand the managerial processes that take place within both military and civil organizations, and to explain the behaviour within those organizations at all levels.
3To develop effective communication skills that cadets need in their professional and managerial work.
4To help the cadets understand major global issues and their implications for organizations that operate in an internationally dynamic and culturally diverse environment.
5To encourage cadets to be socially responsible and ethically aware when practicing managerial work.
6To reinforce the research capabilities and cognitive contributions of the academic staff in the field of management, and to strengthen the cooperation with the concerned military and civil institutions.