Computer Science Program Objectives

The program aims at providing graduates with:
O1 The motivational attitude to the development and improvement of the general health and fitness, leadership skills along with values and aspirations of the cadets as human beings living in the Qatari society they are aimed to serve as officers and in the world at large.
O2 Knowledge and skills in the field of computer science together with the relevant knowledge and skills in mathematics, law, and management principles.
O3 Interpersonal and communication skills that prepare them for leadership roles in key positions in the military field and/or admission in graduate programs.
O4 Good analytic, design, and implementation skills required to formulate and address computing problems with an understanding of the processes that support the delivery and management of secured computing-based solutions within a specific application environment.
O5 An understanding of the overall human context into which computing solutions must be integrated along with strong analytical and critical thinking skills. Students will develop an awareness of the military, social, business, technical, ethical, and human context into which their contributions will be utilized.