Research Title: Problems of Applying Traditional Principles and Laws According to Qatari Comparative Law.

Researcher’s name: Dr. Mohammed Saeed Ahmed Ismail

Research Summary

Computer science development has completely generated revolutionary techniques with regards to the ways it deals with vast information. It is a fact and no one can deny that the enormous influx of information in various fields of science, which has led to establishing, creating exchanging information electronically.
E- documents have taken over paper publications. E- documents have become the best method for conducting, contracts and law issues.
Despite the fact that E-publications are the norm nowadays, but sometimes it can result in creating technical problems in dealing with law regulations and security measures which sometimes jeopardize the trust and honesty with those who are involved in sharing and using E-publications.
This research paper tries to investigate how we can apply the traditional law applications and principles to electronic deals and transactions, regardless of any recent electronic principles.
Can the electronic principles withstand the massive media and recent communications development?
Can we totally get rid of the principles or are there other constitutional solutions?