Radiology Department

Radiology department in the Medical Center of ABM Military College is equipped with the latest and highly good performance machines in order to meet our patients’ needs and these include:


MAGNETOM Aera 1.5 Tesla, is one of the latest hardware in the field of magnetic resonance imaging for the diagnosis of various types of diseases with high accuracy without exposing patient to a radiation dose.

CT Scan:


64 slice scanner capable to perform any kind of CT investigations including these wit contrast media and vessel studies.

Digital X rays:


One of the latest general X ray machines in the medical field. And it generates images directly on a dedicated screen which saves patients time.


ABMMC-268 copy

Performs all kind of ultrasonic exams including these with doppler and vessel investigations

Bone Densitometory (Dexa scan):


A dedicated machine to evaluate patients with osteoporosis.



One of the latest machines also in the medical field to spot and evaluate kidney stones and extract out by using ultrasonic waves turning them to pieces going out in urine stream

Dental X rays (OPG):


Generates a digital x ray image for the whole upper and lower jaws in order to help dentists giving the right evaluation and treatment for their patients, it also can provide cephalometric image for braises patients and routine x rays for the facial and sinuses area ..