Research Title: Role of ICT in Promoting the Independence of the Elderly and in Improving their Quality of life in the Qatar Context.

Researcher’s name: Dr. Mohamed Salah Hamdi

Research Summary

It is widely recognized that elderly people prefer to stay in their homes and in environments familiar to them and to rely on themselves to meet their every needs as long as possible. However, the social, economic and other changes associated with age, especially when
they coincide with health problems and decreased functional capacity, can frustrate the wishes of elderly people to maintain their independence in the community. Information and communication technology (ICT) can provide solutions and support. This research aims to study the relationship between ICT and the elderly, and especially, how ICT can be used to enhance the independence of elderly people and improve their quality of life, and to make recommendations that may be useful in the State of Qatar and elsewhere in this regard. This is done through an extensive study across a large number of references that touched on this subject in Qatar and at the global level, and by showing the results of a questionnaire on the manifestations of this relationship in Qatar and on the extent of people’s awareness of this relationship. The results of this research show that ICT can play an important role in helping elderly people and facilitating their lives in Qatar, that there are significant challenges
and risks that arise when it comes to the interaction between the elderly and ICT, that the relationship between ICT and the elderly is worth pursuing and researching as there are many points which need to be clarified and studied deeply, and that elderly people in Qatar can benefit greatly from ICT that is evolving permanently.