Bachelor’s Degree in Law


We are proud of the Law Department as one of the first departments established in Ahmed Bin Muhammad Military College since it was established in 1996. The department is a major resource that meets the needs of the Qatari armed forces, various security agencies and the Qatari community with professional legal competencies, equipped with knowledge and skills, and capable of self-development in order to keep pace with the rapid progress in all parts of the globe. What distinguishes a graduate of the law department at Ahmed bin Muhammad Military College is that he is not armed with knowledge only, but also graduates with a distinguished leadership personality, capable of solving problems and facing adversity of all kinds. Since 1996 until 2006, The Law department was under the supervision of the College of Law at Qatar University. In 2006, a decision was made that the college should be independent academically, and since that year, it had its own independent academic plans and an independent staff who has been chosen carefully out of the best professors in Arab world according to international standards.