Research Title: The Right of the Worker to Occupational Safety in the Qatari Labor Law in Light Of Qatar Hosting the Organization of the 2022 FIFA World Cup (Analytical Study in Light of International Standards)

Researcher’s name: Dr. Mohamad Ammar Ghazal

Research Summary

Occupational safety represents a cornerstone of labor rights, because the body of the worker is a fundamental element in the execution of the contract and because work accidents affect the worker in his work and life. Since the protection of an individual, physically and in his life is one of the most im- portant reasons for the intervention of the legislator in labor relations, these legal motivations were behind the adherence of the employer to occupational health and safety policies.
In addition to these legal motives, there are economic motives to avoid loss of workers’ lives and work tools. As well as the moral motivation represented by the impermissibility of the worker being seen as a machine. The concepts of human rights have been overshadowed by labor relations, which necessi- tated a focus on occupational safety and health issues and the adoption of new concepts based on respect for fundamental human rights, including the right to health and occupational safety. New workers’ rights have also emerged such as: work environment, inexcusable error and responsibility without er- ror. Additionally, new rights have emerged for the worker to take unilateral measures such as the right to withdraw from the workplace in order to protect his right to safety.