Bachelor’s Degree in Law Program Outcomes

After completing study of law subjects, it’s expected from students to be able to:
1Explain the definition, the origin, sources, and the basis of law and its legislations.
2Express and understand the different law decrees applied in various cases and contexts, according to basic scientific means.
3Possess the ethics of their career, and works to accomplish the job they entrusted to, with honesty and pride.
4Able to use law references, in Arabic and English languages, in order to strengthen their law knowledge.
5Be able to conduct their work, after graduation, in a professional way, reflecting what they have learnt in the field of law and Islamic Sharea, in addition to what they have learned from the Department of General requirements.
6Provide them with the principles of Islamic Sharea and its law regulations, in addition to encouraging them to pretend optimal values and super ethics that should be found in the lawyer
7Discuss and verify law opinions through conceiving strong methods that are unbiased to any opinion or thought.
8Deepen the understanding of the law text and its spirit through perceiving and explaining law concepts and terminologies, and their relationships with each other, within the social, political, and economic context of Qatari society.
9Enable them on analyzing judgmental verdicts, and to commentate on them in the light of understanding law texts.
10Apply the rules and skills of contracts formulations and law memorandums effectively.