Bachelor’s Degree in Computer science


Computing disciplines are growing and changing rapidly worldwide. There has been a great deal of change in technology and industry practices. The growing diversity of topics potentially relevant to education in Computer Science and the increasing integration of computing with other disciplines create particular challenges for the development of a Computer Science curriculum. At the Computer Science and Information Systems Department at Ahmed Bin Mohamed Military College the computer science curriculum has been designed to meet the following requirements:

  1. Fulfill the vision and mission of the college by fostering the values and aspirations of the cadets as human beings and leaders living in the Qatari society they are aimed to serve as officers and in the world at large. This is achieved by a selection of general requirement courses.
  2. Follow the CS2013 guidelines by offering the relevant courses of the computer science discipline.
  3. Offer a concentration on cybersecurity by offering relevant courses related to the field.
  4. Meet the ABET accreditation criteria for computer science programs in preparation for accreditation of the program.