Submission Guidelines

  1. SJABMMC accepts original research papers written in Arabic or English which adhere to internationally accepted standards of scientific research.
  2. The author must confirm in writing, as per the official format of the journal, that his or her research has neither been published before nor is under consideration for publication elsewhere. In addition, the research must not constitute or be part of a master’s thesis, doctoral dissertation, or any previously published work.
  3. Manuscripts should be free from linguistic errors including punctuation, spelling, typographical and grammatical mistakes. The author is responsible for any errors contained in his research.
  4. Authors must email an electronic copy of the manuscript in MS Word format to the journal (
  5. Two summaries, one in Arabic and one in English, of approximately 150 to 200 words must be submitted with the research.
  6. The editorial board has the right to reject manuscripts that are not compatible with the objectives and vision of the journal. The board shall notify the author of its decision.
  7. Manuscripts will not be returned to the authors, whether accepted for publication or not.
  8. Manuscripts accepted for publication are the property of SJABMMC and may not be published anywhere else.
  9. The editorial board, after notifying the author(s), reserves the right to republish previously published research papers or abstracts on paper or electronically.
  10. The editorial board reserves the right to edit accepted manuscripts to conform to the journal’s publishing style.
  11. Authors and co-authors will each receive one copy of the issue in which their article was published and five offprints of the article.
  12. Authors must submit any supplementary information with their manuscript including illustrations, tables, maps, and figures.
  13. A biographical statement of the author(s) must be submitted with the manuscript.
  14. The opinions expressed in the manuscript are those of the author(s) and do not necessarily represent the views of the journal.