Peer-review policy

  1. The editorial board will notify the author(s) in writing or electronically upon receiving their manuscript.
  2. The Editorial Board reserves the right to make a preliminary assessment of the manuscript to determine its suitability for peer review.
  3. All manuscripts will go through a rigorous and robust peer review process by experts in the field.
  4. Reviewers are chosen based on their academic qualifications and their competence and expertise in research and scientific review. The journal reserves the right to assign a manuscript written by an associate professor to a reviewer of the same academic position.
  5. Manuscripts are reviewed by three experts in the relevant field. Only manuscripts which have been approved by at least two reviewers will be considered for publication.
  6. Reviewers shall write a review report that includes a detailed evaluation of the manuscript in line with the journal’s editorial criteria.
  7. Reviewers’ recommendations are binding to the editorial board, the editor-in-chief, and the author(s).
  8. Author(s) will be informed in writing or electronically about the outcome of the review process, whether the manuscript has been accepted for publication or not.
  9. The editor-in-chief may provide the author(s) whose manuscript has been rejected with a summary of the reviewers’ evaluation and is under no obligation to respond to further queries from the author(s).
  10. Manuscripts authored or co-authored by researchers from Ahmed Bin Mohammed Military College will be reviewed by external referees.
  11. Authors are expected to make the changes requested by the editorial board within the allocated time frame. Failure to submit the revised manuscript by the deadline may result in rejection of the manuscript unless the author provides a written justification for the delay.