Journal’s arbitration rules:

1.    The editorial board shall notify the researcher (or researchers) upon the arrival of his (or their) research by e-mail.

2.   The editorial board of the journal holds the right to perform initial examination to the research and report its evaluation.

3. All articles that are received by the editorial board are subject to a blind review by specialists with known scientific standing and who have excellent research experience.

4. The academic ranks of the reviewers and researchers are taken into consideration when choosing them, and the associate professor may review articles which are submitted by other who hold the same academic ranks.

5. The research papers will be blindly reviewed by three specialist reviewers, in order to examine the quality and validity of the work for publication.

6. The reviewer will present his evaluation and opinion in writing. This will be in accordance with specific selected elements, chosen by the editorial board, for the purpose of evaluation.

7. The reviewers’ opinion will be binding to the editorial board, the editor-in-chief, and the researcher/researchers.

8. The researcher/researchers will be notified of the result of the reviewing process (acceptance or rejection) by email.

9. The editor-in-chief may personally inform the author of an unaccepted research for publication of the opinion of the reviewers, upon his request, without mentioning the names of the reviewers, and without any obligation to respond to the justification of the researcher.

10. If the researcher or one of the researchers is a member of Ahmed bin Mohammed Military College, then the reviewers must be from outside the college.

11. If the researcher/researchers do not abide or perform the required corrections or modifications specified by the editorial board within the allocated period, then the editorial board will be entitled to reject the research after the end of the period, unless there is a convincing excuse submitted in writing by the researcher to the journal’s editorial board.