Technical specifications regulating typing in the journal

After the research being accepted for publishing in the JAMMC, the researcher will be asked to resubmit the text by e-mail, using one of the word-processing software (Microsoft Word), with the following specifications:

1. Font: (Times New Roman).

2. Distance: the space between the lines is (1.5) cm.

3. Headings’ Sizes: Research Title: (20pt.bold); Main Titles: (16pt.bold); Sub-titles (14pt.) and the normal text 12pt.

4. All the main titles of the research are to be written separately at the beginning of the lines; as for the Sub-titles, they are to be written separately and to the right; as for the secondary titles, they are to be written at the beginning of the paragraphs. None of the titles should be underlined. In all cases, the subtitles and secondary titles are to be serially numbered.

5. All the tables and figures are to be printed within the text body, and they have to be numbered serially; and each one of them should have its own title that is to be placed two lines above the table (or figure). No figure or table should take up more than one-page size specified for the research.

6. All research pages should be numbered, including those that contain tables and graphics.

7- The number of research pages should not exceed (25) pages, including figures, diagrams (if any) , tables and references.

8. References that are indicated within the research text, are to be of the family name of author with the year of publication (in brackets), all references are to be mentioned under the title “References” at the end of the research in the following format:

A – Research published in periodicals (journals):

The full name of the author beginning with the family name, the date of publication of research in brackets, the full title of the research in quotation marks, Journal Name printed in italics and underlined, volume number, issue number and page numbers. Example in English Language:

ِِAlatar, Jamal, (2010).”Factors influencing voluntary and involuntary labor turnover: Views of managers in Qatari industrial sector”, International Journal of Business and Public Administration (IJBPA),  Vol. 4, No. 1. PP.430-436.

الجميعي، فؤاد محمد (1989م) “أسباب عجز قوة العمل الوطنية وأساليب علاجها في أقطار الخليج العربي”، المجلة العربية للإدارة، م 13, ع 1، 87 – 133.

B – Books:

The full name of the author beginning with the family name, the book’s date of the publication in brackets, the full title of the book in quotation marks in italics and underlined text, place of publication and publisher.

Example in English Language: Hogge, R. and Craig, A. (1971), “Introduction to Mathematical Statistics”. New York: MacMillan Company.

Example in Arabic Language: مقلد، إسماعيل صبري (1985 م)، “العلاقات السياسية الدولية”، الكويت: منشورات ذات السلاسل.