Field visit for students of Batch 21, Logistics & Supply Chain Management.

On Wednesday, 06/03/24, a field visit was conducted to the ports of Qatar for the students of Batch 21, Supply and Procurement specialization, under the supervision of Dr. Monther Al Hashisha from the academic side, and First Lieutenant Omar Awad Al-Hajri from the military side.

In the first part of the visit, Mr. Mohammed Al-Bashir, the port security officer, gave a lecture mainly focusing on introducing the Qatar Ports Authority and the most important historical stages it has gone through since its establishment. He emphasized the last decade of its history, which was characterized by giant investments, most notably: digging the sea passage and the shipyard that enabled the port to receive the largest ships in the world. He also discussed the use of an advanced information system that connects all beneficiaries on a single platform and helps manage all container operations efficiently from their starting point in the country of origin to their destination with the final customer.

The second part of the visit consisted of a field tour inside the port, specifically to the ship dock and container warehouses, and to the operations room where they observed the application of the system in managing containers from the ship’s deck to the final customer.

We extend our sincere thanks to all officials of the Qatar Ports Authority for their warm reception and hospitality.