Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting


This program is part of the Ahmed bin Muhammad Military College’s ambitious plan to achieve its mission of developing new, high-quality study programs based on the integration of information technology into various fields of knowledge, as well as preparing qualified graduates capable of keeping pace with economic development and contributing to securing what the Qatar Armed Forces institutions need of highly qualified human resources.

The Bachelor of Accounting program seeks to qualify qualified accountants with high ethical values ​​by providing a distinctive educational and research environment that generates creativity and innovation, and by providing an integrated framework that includes the theoretical foundations and practical skills necessary to meet current and future accounting job requirements in the institutions of the Qatar Armed Forces.

The program focuses on achieving a high educational level, allowing students to demonstrate basic and professional knowledge in accounting and auditing using modern technologies, analytical abilities, and enhancing the student’s personal skills, such as communication skills, scientific research, field training, practical case studies, critical thinking, and leadership for effective decision-making. It also focuses on enhancing student awareness of ethical values ​​and social responsibilities.

The program plan consists of eight semesters, and the language of study is Arabic. The plan includes (120) credit hours, of which (47) hours are compulsory general requirements, (4) hours of general requirements are optional, and (69) hours are major requirements of which (60) hours are compulsory, and (9) hours are optional.

The plan is designed in accordance with the latest local and international accounting standards and regulations required to prepare qualified accountants. The plan features a set of courses covering a wide range of subjects, including economics, statistics, finance, marketing and strategic management.

The program is currently implemented by a group of faculty members with distinguished qualifications and experience, and they have graduated from various prestigious universities. They use high-level teaching methods.

Thanks to the combination of in-depth and comprehensive knowledge that characterizes this program, many graduates of this program have succeeded in assuming leadership positions in the institutions of the Qatari Armed Forces.