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Articles in Arabic Language: “Offences that cause permanent disability: An Analysis of the Qatari Penal Code and the Verdicts of the Qatari Court of Cassation.” Dr. Khaled Salah Alshammari “Cooperation as a Contractual Obligation in the Qatari Civil Code: An Analytical Study.” Prof. Dr. Nessrine...
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Articles in Arabic Language:Prof. Dr. Mohamed Fawzy & Dr. Abdelhafez Elshemy“Business and Trade Name in Qatari Legislation and its Effects: An Analytical Study”Dr. Nazzal KisswaniPrinciple of criminal legitimacy in Qatari legislation.” Dr.Ayad Haroon Al-Douri“Mobile Shopping Convenience as a Second-Order Formative Construct: A Study of the...
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Articles in Arabic Language:“The Right of the Worker to Occupational Safety in the Qatari Labor Law in Light Of Qatar Hosting the Organization of the 2022 FIFA World Cup (Analytical Study in Light of International Standards)” Download the whole issue
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Articles in Arabic Language: Dr. Hassan Abdul Rahim Al-Sayed “ Protection of related rights under Qatari Law No. 7 of 2002 «A comparative study»” Dr. Mohamed El Sayed Fares “The effect of Organizational Immune Systems on Crisis Management Strategies: Testing the Mediating Role of Strategic...
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